Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Therapy

I’m nervous about starting therapy. Is that normal?

It is totally normal to be nervous about starting therapy. It can be scary to think of opening up or crying in front of someone new, perhaps fearing that it will be awkward and uncomfortable.

The fear can feel overwhelming. Getting the counselling we need can be challenging. Although it is normal to be nervous, that does not make it feel great. It takes courage to continue towards getting the help you need.

Therapy is a space where you can be yourself and come as you are and feel safe from judgement, including feeling nervous. I am committed to finding a way to care for your nervousness and ensure sessions are as comfortable as possible.

I am here if you want to talk about it during a free phone consultation.

How do I know if you are the right therapist for me?

Take your time to read through my website. If you sense that I may be a good fit based on what you are reading, you can email me.

When we talk on the phone, you can ask me questions about my approach, or any other questions you may have that are specific to you.

You will also be able to discuss what is on your mind and we can determine how I could best be of service to you.

It may be helpful to think of the first few sessions as trying out the waters together. During the sessions, you will be able to understand how comfortable you feel in sessions.

My approach is not going to work for everyone. What is most important to me is that you find someone who you feel is the right fit for you. We can explore that together.

What if I don’t want to talk about something?

It is natural to not want to share some of the painful or difficult things we have been through. During our sessions, it will always be up to you if you feel ready to talk about something or not.

We will collaborate on understanding what you feel ready to open up about. Together we will work through the difficult stuff.

You can also share with me that you are nervous to open up about something and we can talk about that too.

Whatever is present for you. Whatever you are going through. Bring that to session and we can explore that together.

How long will therapy take?

You might be asking about how long therapy will take because you are struggling and want relief fast and you are not sure how you are going to fit therapy into your busy schedule.

If this is true for you, I want you to know that on average, my new clients start seeing positive effects after the first couple of sessions.

By that point, they feel a little calmer and more hopeful that healing is possible.

The total duration of therapy varies from client to client. Some of my clients find 3-6 weeks to be enough. In 3 to 6 weeks you can resolve immediate challenges and start a process of self-discovery.

For more in-depth work on yourself you need to give yourself longer. We will work together to find the length of time that works for you.

Couples & Group Therapy

I’m scared that if I open up, you will think I’m weird, too sensitive or weak.

If you open up to me, I will not think you are weird, too sensitive or weak, I will think you are extremely brave and strong. Many of my clients have had the same fear.

Working with my clients has shown me that the challenges you are facing are normal and natural.

You are a brave and courageous person that feels things intensely. Nothing you can say will cause me to judge you.

I know nobody’s perfect, we all struggle, we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

Whatever it is you’re going through, I provide a safe space where you can feel heard and supported without judgement

Does what we talk about in therapy remain confidential?

It can be concerning feeling like things you say or do in therapy could “get out.”

So, I want you to know that unless there is an imminent danger to yourself or someone else, everything you share with me is completely confidential.

Your privacy and trust are of utmost importance. You can rest assured that you can talk about anything without fear of that information getting out.

If you have specific questions about how confidentiality works, you can ask during your phone consultation or anytime during our work together.

What can I expect during the first session?

Overall, you can think of the first session as a free-flowing conversation through which we start getting to know each other.

I’ll invite you to share more about yourself and we can also talk about what’s worked or not worked for your mental health in the past.

Some questions that I like to ask during a first session include:

  • What brought you to therapy?
  • Have you gone to therapy before? How did that go?
  • What goals would you like to reach by going to therapy?

You can ask me questions as well. You might be curious about why I am a therapist or how I have helped other clients like you.

The most important part of a first session is that you see if you feel I’m a good fit for you. If you feel calm, heard, and cared for with me, we can discuss if you’d like to meet again.

How can I get started?

Book your free 15 minute phone consultation where we can discuss what’s on your mind and we can determine how I could best be of service to you.

Email me today to get your free phone consultation at

Families who are affected by addiction, can they also get counselling?


Yes. Addiction is a complex disease that affects not only the individual but also those around them, including their family. To help families cope with the process, it is crucial and advantageous for them to receive support.

There are several advantages of family counselling, which include better communication, decreased feelings of loneliness, increased coping mechanisms, enhanced relationships, and increased chances of recovery.

I help families who are struggling to deal with addiction, self-destructive behaviours and the related issues that come with this.

Contact me at for more information on family counselling.

My Services

addiction counselling

Addictions Counselling

Helping adults and adolescents discover ways to manage their self-destructive behaviours and addictions to enable them to withstand whatever life throws at them.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention

Helping parents, siblings, partners and significant others to get their addicted loved one the help they need to overcome their addiction and other mental health challenges.

Training and Awareness Talks

Training and Awareness

Substance abuse, addiction, alcoholism and other behavioural addictions such as gambling, relationships, online gaming, smartphones and food get in the way of people living productive, happy lives.

Let’s Discover How I Can Help


Let’s discover how I can help. Reach out to get your free 15-minute phone consultation.

During your free consultation call, you can share a bit about what’s going on and I can answer any questions you might have.

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